Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ich bin krank

I woke up full blown sick this morning. Cough and cold. I fully accept this as my reality and understand completely why I am sick. First of all, I'm exposing myself to a lot of germs while traveling (trains, planes, airports, etc). Then I'm pushing myself really hard to go, go, go. See all I can, do all I can. I'm not eating the best. Fruits and vegetables are scarce in my diet right now as I'm opting for "fun" foods. Pizza, pasta, gelato in Italy for example. The change in climates is a factor. Italy to Denmark to Ireland to Germany in less than two weeks exposed me to a lot of temperature changes and pollens, etc. So, I accept my fate and have no complaints (other than being sick isn't exactly fun).

Originally, I was only going to stay in Berlin for two nights, leaving one full day for sightseeing. I have extended my stay by one day, to leave one full day for cough syrup, ibuprofen and sleep and one day for a walking tour and more rest. I'm also adjusting my crazy dream drive to exclude Austria (and possibly the Czech Republic, but I'd REALLY like to get to Prague as the other side of my family is from there). 

My number one priority has to be getting better, slowing down. And that's fine by me. No regrets what-so-ever. This is life. And I'm going to do what I have to (and want to) do to enjoy myself. Staying in bed when sick is happiness for me right now. Public transportation and sightseeing would be misery. 

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