Monday, May 11, 2015

Killarney, The Dingle Peninsula, through Limerick to Galway

Today was an "on the road" day. I drove from 10am until 5:30pm, mostly because I couldn't help myself but stop for another picture of Irish coasts, sheep or green grass. I, honestly, had a blast today. Every few minutes I'd get out of the car, climb around a bit, take a picture or two and marvel at the view, my life, the weather, just everything.

That being said, I'm utterly exhausted. I might let the captions do the talking today. 

When driving through towns that must've had populations of 1,000 or less I'd occasionally see a local church and a cemetery for the locals. There were actually two funeral processions on my drive today.
That white area along the horizon is heavy surf. These sheep have got it good. 
The wind at this beach was like nothing I'd ever experienced and the waves were coming like the dickens!
But worth it!

And then I turned a corner and the weather changed.
Mr Sheep says, "What are you looking at?" And I respond, "Why, you, Mr Sheep."

The paired off sheep are babies. There were two and two and two all around the farm.
The town of Dingle. Another adorable town.
There is an aquarium in Dingle. (No dolphins were harmed in the taking of this photo)
And then I decided to take a detour on the Wild Atlantic Way (Slea Head Drive).
Maybe the best decision ever (also a great decision not to bike or walk it, as it is LONG)!
The drive was so fun. Everyone on the road would stop and take pictures and everyone else would patiently wait for them, or scootch around them at a leisurely pace.
This is my kind of road!

More sheep with a good view

It was a remarkable day with fantastic views and roads and weather. The only downfall about such a day is that I couldn't take pictures of everything. Sometimes beautiful things aren't near a place to pull over. And sometimes, you just have to decide NOT to pull over anymore because this "50 minute" tour of the peninsula has been 2 hours already. And no matter how beautiful the green hills are and all the adorable lambs and calves and foals, you just have to keep driving if you're ever going to get to your hotel. Oh, the hard choices. 

Oh and I made a friend when I stopped for lunch
This was my first Irish Rainbow!

Just look at that windblown hair! What a great day.