Tuesday, June 21, 2016

From Prairie to Plains to Jackson Hole

I have to say, yesterday was gruelling. I was exhausted after my dirt road experience and still had over an hour of driving afterwords. There came a point where I wasn't having fun anymore and dread washed over me. "As far as I've driven East," I thought, "I have to drive West." 

Once I got to Idaho Falls (not cute) and finished the blog, I was spent and couldn't picture one more more day driving 5+ hours. I went online and decided to book a place in Jackson Hole Wyoming, a short(ish) drive away. I'd get there early and relax. This is a vacation after all.

I had a terrible night sleep. The hotel room was full of noise. Clicking and clacking from the fridge and something plugged into the wall...that I don't know what it was. Maybe a bug zapper. I didn't want to think about it. When I woke up, I was so excited to get out of there and thrilled for a short drive, that I nearly RAN out of Idaho Falls.

Today's drive started through residential areas...

Como se llama?
...and then from prairie to plains, farms and eventually...

To the most beautiful scenic overlook...

Around 11:15, I crossed a bridge over Snake River and found myself on beautiful windy roads surrounded by lush green trees.

While still in range, I was tuned into a classic rock radio station based out of Idaho Falls. Twice, I heard an advertisement for "Sedated Dental Work" at Comfort Dental, "Dental work is like a dream when you can snooze through it!" I couldn't make this crap up.

During the last 15 minutes of my drive through Idaho, I saw ranch after ranch with big structures in front of their driveways. Picture a rectangle where the sides are huge logs and the top is either an iron work structure with the name of the ranch (Robinson's Ranch, for example) or the bones or taxidermy of some kind of animal. I saw skulls, antlers and taxidermy ducks. One ranch had an iron sign as big as my car with words and a design cut out that said, "A cute cowgirl and a dumb cowboy live here."

And then...

I changed the radio station to local news and heard a broadcast from Jackson Hole, "It has been confirmed that a grizzly bear cub was hit by a motorist last night and was killed. They have not yet identified the cub, but they believe it is nowy, cub of Grizzly 699." Ok, I will watch out for bears!

(Also, I'm sorry to sandwich this segment between two pictures of me smiling)

When I reached my hotel in Jackson, I was thrilled. It was only 12:30. My room wasn't ready, so I had lunch two blocks away at Snake River Brewery (delicious!).

When my cabin was ready, I climbed on the queen bunk bed, sat on the porch, swam in the indoor pool...generally enjoyed the hell out of the place. It is NOT cheap to stay in Jackson Hole, but well worth it for a little R&R. Tomorrow morning, I'll walk to the town center and post a photo blog before heading to my campgrounds in Yellowstone! (cheap accommodation to balance the splurge)