Saturday, May 23, 2015

Germany: Cologne to Hüsten

Today was a HUGE day. It's 2am. 

Highlights (because it's super late and I need to sleep):

  • Cologne Cathedral
  • American couple from Boston bought me breakfast after a great chat
  • ATM (I'll explain later)
  • GPS (user) error made me get stuck in the biggest motorcycle parade I've ever seen
  • Arrived Arnsberg (Hüsten) where family were waiting outside to greet me. Nice warm welcome.
  • Toured the town: Local church, RSL equivalent, cemetery where family is buried, etc
  • Old family photos where I recognised myself as a 2 month old!
  • There is a Tough Mudder competition a 10 minute walk from here
  • A nice long walk in the forest
  • Eurovision party with a bunch of Tanja's girlfriends from school
  • Great chats in English with family and new friends
Tons more to come...

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