Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Copenhagen: National Museum and a lot of walking

Copenhagen is a flat town. It's the flattest place I've ever seen (next to the state of Florida). 

Will write more later.


The night I arrived in Copenhagen, my friend Amanda (who was a high school classmate), picked me up at the airport. We took the Metro and a bus to her place. That evening, I met her kids (her husband I already knew) and we got to reminiscing and then talking about what I might do the following day in Copenhagen while Amanda stayed home to work on her thesis.

The next day, I took copious maps and plans with me out the front door into a grey Copenhagen morning. Dark clouds looming in the distance. I took the 1A bus to the National Museum aka Nationalmuseet. As I stepped off the bus, wondering which way to walk, I heard a herd of school children screaming in only the way small children can when they're supposed to be quiet on the way to a museum. I followed the noise and was promptly at the entrance to the FREE museum. At that moment, right before I stepped inside, it started to rain. Seriously perfect timing. 

I was told that I would need to put my bag in a FREE locker, but that pictures were ok. I asked, "What's the BEST thing in the museum?" and got a "PBhwhoa!" in response. Apparently this was going to be awesome if it was hard to nail down the best thing. I was directed to the "most visited" section of the museum, which covered The Stone, Bronze, Iron and Viking ages. And it was, in fact, awesome. It was super educational and not boring. The rooms flowed into each other chronologically, telling the story of Danish History and culture. There were weapons and tools, bodies in log coffins, skulls, jewelery, a big boat and lots of other little things on display, like coins, pots and teeth! I had a great time!

Musical Instruments
Horned Helmets
National Museum - Cool mini swords
Big swords
This guy died by pokey things in the head and chest

Around 11am, I decided to head out of the museum and walk around Copenhagen, intentionally ignoring the maps "to get lost". This is a trick I like to employ because it really does make you learn an area, but with only one full day in Copenhagen, I wish I'd have looked at the map more. I walked in circles for a while and sort of exhausted myself. It turned out to be ok because my exhaustion forced us to stay home in the evening when it poured with rain. Here are some of the cool things I saw. 

Copenhagen, pedestrians, bikes, flat streets, colorful homes
Dragon Fountain outside of city hall
City Hall
City Hall
City Hall

The Round Tower
The Round Tower

This is not a specialty store. This is a 7-11. There is hot, fresh food and tables to eat at!
Copenhagen is a bike town, for sure!
Public Restroom at the bus stop, Free and clean
Sort of helpful post with general directions (In English)

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