Sunday, April 26, 2015

Italy: Venice Day 2

After a giddy night walking around Venice and raiding the "breakfast room" for food at 1am, a late night was had by all. I was worried that the hotel might be noisy as we were right next to a bar, but they were all done by midnight at at 2am Kate and I were cackling with overtired goofiness, probably irritating the only other guests on our strange little floor.

The morning's breakfast (especially coffee) really hit the spot and I scored big time by swapping a book in their library. I dropped off a Europe on the cheap kind of travel book (that weighed 5lbs and I NEVER looked at it because...internet) for a Robert Crais super light paperback. There were some Harlan Coben books too, but they were all in French, so I left them.

After breakfast, we checked out of the hotel, left our suitcases with the hotel (under the stairs) and took a 30 minute Gondola ride around the canals of Venice. At 80 Euro, we were only slightly hesitant, but honestly, what is money for if not to do the things you'd always dreamed of. It was so worth it. The views were spectacular and only available in Venice. I'm so happy we had the gondola experience.

"Instead of online dating, it's Clothesline dating," quipped Kate. If they're clean, it's a win.

Pushing off the wall

After the Gondola, we walked to St Mark's Square (you might be familiar with this from movies where people walk through a square and pigeons scatter everywhere, or a tourist will be standing in the square covered in pigeons). We opted not to go inside, but walked around taking pictures of the amazing architecture and artistic tile works. I took some obligatory light post shots and then we head to lunch (more pizza).

Back to the hotel to pick up our bags and use their wi-fi to book train tickets. Because we left it to the last minute, we had to take 1st class seats, but because of that I'm writing this blog FROM THE TRAIN. Yay free fast moving wi-fi.

We caught an express Water Bus to the train station, it was ridiculously full, but only one stop so no complaints.

Now, here we are. Carriage 1, Seats 3B and 4B, wi-fi'ing it up, blogging, and on our way from Venice to Florence.

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