Monday, April 27, 2015

Italy: that's better

Checked out of our decent, but not pleasant, hotel and into Hotel Casci. It. Is. Fantastic.

The location feels more central. It's leafier. The people on the street are smiling. The hotel is really a B&B. Reception feels clean, comfortable and homey. Paolo showed us two rooms before we decided to book. He speaks English quickly and clearly and is the friendliest person yet in Florence. There are books in the lobby and DVDs to borrow for free. The room is big and well set up. There is a charging station for all our devices, a fridge, desks, a wardrobe, a great big bathtub and windows that open into a (very small) courtyard (rather than a motorcycle parking lot like the last place).

I am so happy. Florence is going to be wonderful.

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