Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Disneyland Paris!

Today, we started off for Disneyland Paris at 8:30am. After a stop at the local grocery store (for some sunblock and water), and a local bakery (hello, awesome croissant et chouquette!), we took the subway/train system all the way to the front gates.

The lines to baggage check weren't lines at all, but a MASH of hundreds of (well behaved) people. We were probably in the baggage line for 10-15 minutes tops and then to the ticket line. Thanks to having purchased our tickets the night before, we entered the second mash of folks and were in the park within another 5 minutes or so. 

Even though the park was full of people (on a Tuesday!), we managed to get on (and enjoy) a lot of rides. Unfortunately, Space Mountain was closed for repairs, but we still managed to go on: Pirates of the Caribbean, It's a Small World, Snow White and the Sept Nains, The Castle (you can go upstairs in the castle, where there are fairy tales in stained glass), Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril, Phantom Manor (The Haunted Mansion) and Captain EO. Most rides were 15-20 minutes, a couple were 45 minutes. The rides were very similar to Disneyland California. Actually, the park was laid out so similarly I didn't even need a map (which is probably why we managed to go on so much). Indiana Jones was a 20 second roller coaster with a few drops, a 360 degree loop (as the signs said) and was horrible on my neck and ears (my head was pretty seriously bounced between the "head rest" - p.s. I'm fine). The Haunted Mansion is also more creepy and dark. The house looks like an actual haunted house...like an old house. The ride is similar to California, but the skeletons are more gruesome and the bride is more tragic. There was even one skeleton of a dog, which was...meaty. I really enjoyed the Haunted Mansion and Pirates very much, as well as all the other rides. It was a great day out at a Disney park. 

My only complaints were with the people, and honestly this is just a personal space preference. No one was rude, really, but I got bumped into A LOT! Not only when making my way through the massive crowds, but when standing in line. Personal space is non-existent for the other patrons of the park. 

Also, no other Disney Cast Members (staff) compare to Anaheim's. At Disneyland Paris, the cast are like employees you'd find anywhere else. They don't have the permanent smile, the chipper Disney Love that you find in California. 

Having said all that, I hope you understand that I really enjoyed myself, enjoyed the rides, etc. I am a huge Disney nerd and picky about my Disney Parks. Disneyland Paris pulled all the punches with regards to the sceneary, cleanliness, rides (and lines to those rides) and food options. The only let downs were the crowds (I can't imagine it on a weekend or during school holidays) and shopping. To be honest, I didn't want to buy anything, which sucked because I wanted to buy lot today. Usually, I'm a sucker for everything Disney, but nothing jumped out at me. Most things seemed to be aimed at the kids (stuffed animals, etc) or for visitors who really wanted to wear a shirt or hat that said Paris on it.

I had a Crěpe au Nutella, which is the French equivalent of the Churro (I say in jest). It was DELICIOUS. Seriously, such a good crěpe!

A couple quick things: Cotton Candy in Australia is called Fairy Floss, in Paris it is called Barbe à Papa - Dad's Beard. I LOVE THAT! Ratatouille is big here. In every shop there were always a few cute options for Un Vrai Petit Chef.

And finally, I took at least a hundred pictures, which speaks highly for the place. I was all smiles, all day. Super impressed. Check out some of the fantastic stuff I saw. =)

I took a picture with this butler because I always took my pic with the "indian" on Main St in Disney Califoria, this is the French equivlent

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