Thursday, April 23, 2015

Barcelona: Last full day

Today, my only goal was to go to lunch at Los Caracoles (the snails). It was a recommendation from a good friend who lived in Barcelona 20 years ago (yes, you're that old). Also, a secondary goal was to use up the 10-trip Metro ticket I bought yesterday (forgetting that I only had one more day here).

After getting lost (I am really bad with directions), I wandered up and down some awesome narrow streets off of Las Ramblas, eventually stumbling upon the restaurant. There are two entrances actually, and I even managed to screw that up (going in the bar entrance). So, I walked through the kitchen and told the MaƮtre D' to take care of me because a friend recommended the place.

They sat me downstairs in a quaint corner of the restaurant where I could people watch to my heart's content (I didn't realise there were two more floors above me until I was leaving). There were signed photos all over the walls of famous (Spanish?) singers and actors, etc. The small room was full of fat, rich American tourists. I say rich because this restaurant was not cheap and they were going nuts with the menu, and because they were talking about traveling all over the world in a flippant way, "We were thinking about going to Norway again, but I don't know." And one of them was talking about owning race horses, "He was the same speed all year, so he was a champ in the winter because all the other horses would slow down." I was enjoying myself thoroughly.

I ordered the Thursday Special: Sole in an Orange Sauce. They brought me bread shaped like a snail (cute) and the best oil and vinegar. When my main came, he showed it to me, asked if I'd like it filleted (yes) and made quick work of deboning the fish. It was the tastiest, best cooked, most amazing fish I've ever eaten. 

I then had strawberries for dessert. Again, amazing. I don't know how you make strawberries amazing, but they did it. I smiled through the whole meal and couldn't have been happier.

And then I went for a walk around the neighborhood.

Something else to note about today, it is Sant Jordi day. Sort of like Spanish Valentine's Day. All the boys are supposed to buy their best girl a flower (rose) and the girls are supposed to give a book in return. There were stands everywhere selling flowers and books. Las Ramblas was full of people.

I am feeling much better. Not so tired (even after walking allllllll over). So, after a few more sights by the water (Mediterranean sea), I took the Metro back to La Sagrada Familia for an espresso and to take a few more (dozen) photos. I walked around the building two steps to my left at a time. Two steps, look up, take it all in, snap some pictures, two steps, repeat. It was great fun and now I'm back in my hotel, resting before my last night in Barcelona.

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