Sunday, April 19, 2015

Barcelona: Getting Lost Accidentally

This morning started off strong. Like a champ, I went directly to the correct Metro station, jumped on the train that pulled up just as I got there and disembarked at the second to last stop (just as I had planned). I followed the signs for the Metro exit and was lead to a set of elevators. I got in and pressed the up arrow. I had no idea I was as far underground as I was. The lift went up and up and up until I thought I would pop out of the roof and fly over London. It must have been 20 stories. No joke. 

At street level, I followed the signs to Park Güell - my intended destination. As I was walking, I saw some amazing views of Barcelona, a local soccer game and I ended up on a nature walk. I was following a crowd, but ended up making a wrong turn and 10 minutes into the nature walk, I found myself at a restaurant where I thought I should probably order tapas (Patatas Bravas y Chorizo. Sparkling water and a café/espresso). 

After my tasty lunch, I head back onto the path and found my way to Park Güell. Unfortunately, tickets were sold out until 3pm (it was not even 1pm at that time) and I was tired. I decided to pay 5.50 Eur to see Gaudi's home. The place he lived while he worked on La Sagrada Familia (which I haven't been to yet, but will visit in a few days). It was not worth the money, except there was a chair inside where I rested. Here are some pictures from the house and the surrounding area (including some sneaky shots of the park from over walls/fences.)

 If I hadn't lost my way, I probably would've scored a timely ticket into the park, but I don't mind. The lunch was pretty good, but the graffiti I saw along the way was even better.

It turned out that I had taken the Metro to the back of the park, rather than the front toursity area. I think this was a great and happy accident. I saw so much more than just the park. Three street musicians/bands, lots of locals walking their dogs, some sort of religious ceremony. It was great. And when I was all done looking around, I followed signs to the nearest metro station (1250m - 20 minutes). I was wrecked and needed a siesta. After a lovely afternoon nap, I decided to go to a sushi place for dinner.

Again, I head out towards it, but just missed the mark. I know I was close, but there were a bunch of other sushi places, so I picked Sushi Shop (which delivers sushi boxes!). It was delicious and in a very posh part of town (right next to Dolche & Gabbana), so it wasn't cheap. I've had dinners ranging from 3.50 to 24.50 Eur. I guess it all evens out. This restaurant was also across the street from another one of Gaudi's works. Casa Viva. 

After dinner, I took the subway back to the hotel. I've really figured out the subway system and how to get  back 'home'. 

One final treat for the night. I found this on the sidewalk and snagged it for a free and fun souvenir. Will the adventures never stop?! (I hope not)

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