Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Last night in Oz

It's my last night in Australia before the big adventure. Everything's all taken care of. I've checked into my flights, booked an airport shuttle, packed my bags and enlisted the help of my flatmate to assist me in carrying my luggage down 4 flights of stairs in the morning. My friend Kate will pick me up from the airport in San Francisco.

I've really enjoyed the last two months, which is exactly how long I've been unemployed. Coming and going as I please, watching all the movies in the theatre, golfing, planning this trip I'm about to go on. I've spent a lot of time with friends and that's been the best part.

The next two months (hopefully longer) will be more of the same. A quick recap:

  • San Francisco / Bay Area for 9 days
    • Friends
  • Seattle for 4 days
    • Friends
    • Pike's Market, etc
  • Florida with the folks for 25 days
    • Met's vs Red Sox spring training game
    • Harry Potter World
  • Scotland
    • Glasgow
    • Loch Ness
  • Paris
    • Too much to list...I'm looking forward to these blog posts =)
  • Italy (not yet booked)
  • Copenhagen (not yet booked)
  • And then whatever my heart desires
I vow to update this blog at least once in each location, ideally a little something everyday (at least when I'm in Europe). I will also try to include more pictures than I have included thus far (current photo count: zero).

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