Sunday, December 21, 2014

Today I:

  • Called the Lane Cove Council about a job I applied for (two weeks ago). "Junior Shelver" at the local library was the official position. I have ALWAYS wanted to work in a library and was hoping they'd hire me on for some casual work until February. The woman in charge of hiring only just returned from leave, so I'm not out of the running yet. As instructed, I'll call again after Jan 5th, if I haven't heard anything. 
  • Mailed (via International Express Post) my US taxes to H&R Block in Kansas City. A word here about the US. I'm not impressed that they make their ex-pats file taxes and potentially owe money not earned in the US. I file my Australian taxes - why should I have to also file with the US. Because it's the law. So, ok, I'll do it. The least they could do is make it easy, but NOOOO it's the most complicated thing I've ever seen. I'm thankful to H&R Block for offering ex-pat services, even if at a hefty fee. 
  • Booked some Gold Class movie tickets for Christmas week. I was given two expired tickets by the owners of my house sitting house in the hopes that I could sweet talk my way into the cinema. Job done (only it didn't really take any sweet talking because they had a one month grace period). For those of you who don't know, Gold Class movies are in reclining, over sized seats. You can order food and drinks to be delivered throughout the movie. I always order a drink at the beginning and coffee towards the end (usually with dessert) but regret it at the end of the movie when I'm busting. Still, it's a great Christmas treat!
It is a gloriously warm day. I think I'll read a book and take a nap. Ahhh. Now this is a Monday.

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